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Our Philosophy

Green Beans to Roasted BeansReal. Good. Coffee.

We love coffee.  Most people do.  Just about every study and statistic available will suggest that the majority of adults in America drink coffee every day.

It’s more than just a morning kick start.  Think about it.  It’s comfort, warmth, and relaxation.  It’s how we start an awesome day.  It’s a social adhesive.  It’s an experience, and we strongly believe that if you are going to do it, it might as well be the best it can be.  The ultimate coffee experience (and there’s no going back).

The Catoctin Coffee ultimate coffee experience
begins with the beans.

Premium beans – often organically grown and fairly traded – from the planet’s finest coffee-producing regions.  Then, expert roasting in small batches to produce just enough delicious beans to satisfy the near-term needs of our customers.  This is important, because in short order even coffee in tightly sealed packages will lose precious flavor and aroma.

Some of those mega coffee companies have “Best if used by” dates that are several months away.  Shameful, really.

Fresh roasted, quality beans are the most critical ingredient of a truly amazing cup of coffee. Throw in some great tasting fresh water, a decent brewer, and a little basic know-how and you’re on your way.  So, see what you’ve been missing.

Get some Catoctin Coffee now
and start your ultimate coffee experience today!