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Catoctin Coffee Company

Hello Friends!

Catoctin Coffee Company is a family run small-batch roaster of the world's finest specialty coffee beans. Our goal is to create for you the ultimate coffee experience, so we've worked since 2011 with only ultra-responsible providers of superb, sustainable, ethically sourced coffee beans. Then we roast only enough to fulfill daily orders. While we do not have a retail store of our own, you can shop right here on our website or click below for some great local places to get some of our delicious beans! 

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Freshness Matters!

Getting a little fresh

We are a family run roaster of fine specialty coffee, committed to the ultimate coffee experience: sourcing exceptional green beans, expert roasting, delivering quality, and...freshness.

What's all the chatter about fresh?

Straight-up. Because once roasted, all the great flavors and aromas fade away after two or three weeks. (Yes, seriously!) Coffee goes stale. And when it does, it tastes...well...stale. It's that simple. Keep reading...

No mega-roasters

Here's the dirty little secret: vacuum packing does little to preserve freshness. Those mega-roasters (you know who they are) don’t want you to know that those beans sitting on shelves at the local grocery or warehouse stores are likely already - you guessed it - stale!


OK, so now you're getting the idea. Coffee must be fresh! Don't buy more than you can drink in a couple of weeks and store at room temperature in the bag from whence it came. Or even better, in an airtight container. The fridge is a no-no; condensation will kill your beans in no time. 

Where do I get some fresh beans?

This is how important freshness is to us: If you're not going to get some fresh, delicious, outstanding and irresistable Catoctin Coffee, then at least find another local roaster. Otherwise visit one of these locations...

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